I’ve never felt this until today…

So today is my birthday. I’ve never really been crazy about my birthday. It was just another day. In fact, I get really uncomfortable when people draw attention to it or try to celebrate it.

Today, however, was different. For starters, one of my very biggest bestest friends ever stayed up until midnight with me just to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. The way he went about it was so special too. Then, my other really very good friend and lab partner, well he makes me feel pretty special often, but today was just wow. He called me today and left me a voicemail singing happy birthday to me. Then today when I got home I had a package at my door. He had a star named after me…he named it Rockstar which is what he calls me all the time. Every morning he tells me he appreciates me. Then on Facebook my sister posted a picture of us as kids. She said that I was wickedly funny, caring, smart, and beautiful. One of my clients (an autistic child) and her grandmother and great grandmother put together a little gift bag. To top it all off, my daughter and her friend just sang happy birthday to me when I opened the door.

Right now while I’m typing this I’m holding back tears.

It was at the very moment that I looked back on all of the sweet things today and I realized that I, for the very first time felt…special and appreciated. I have never felt that before. It feels good. I can never again tell myself that no one cares.

I kind of like my birthday now. It feels really really good to be loved, cared about, and appreciated. Wow. Thank you.


What say you?

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