Which cookie would you eat?

So my friend and I are having this conversation about love. I don’t believe love like in the movies really exists. I have my reasons and I could go on and on about them here, but I won’t. But I just said something to him that sort of felt like a good analogy.

My thought is that I’d rather just not have love. I mean, yea, if it were somehow guaranteed that I’d never get hurt, ok. But that doesn’t happen. So, here’s my cookie analogy:

Love, to me, is like someone giving me the option of cookie A) a disgusting cookie. It tastes yucky, but it’s edible. Or B) The most delicious tasty cookie but it will kill you after you eat it.

I’ll take 10 boxes of the yucky cookie please. Fuck the love cookie of death. No thank you.

What say you?

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