It was bleeding; It was fine; it was fun; it got fixed; I swallowed it…

WHAT a day. I feel like it’s been one thing after another for this “vacation”. Yes, I’m putting vacation in parenthesis because it hardly feels like a vacation in some ways. I’m here with my kids and my family. For starters, one week spent with anyone usually ends in irritability towards one another and an invisible magnifying glass that hovers over each person’s flaws and annoying characteristics.

For starters, anyone who calls a trip with your children a vacation, is WRONG. It’s just an extension of your normal life, except this one has no routine, and costs you triple the money you’d normally spend in any given week. There’s no bedtime, it’s all about them, etc….it’s worse than regular life in some ways! I’m ready to go home! Back to bedtimes, home cooked meals, and my own room!

I forgot to bring some of my schoolwork so that screwed me and landed me a bad grade. The day we were to leave to come here, I got my period. Great Aunt Flow. Way to show up just in time for a vacation in the warm weather where there is bound to be lots of bikini wearing, pools to swim in, and water parks to venture through. Not to mention your bloated baggage full of cramps and a mixed bag of a whole bunch of other goodies we call symptoms.

Then yesterday, I got on a water ride. I hate water, really. I did it for the kids. I tried to make it a fun day. I hurt my tailbone BAD when I was a kid. But yesterday, I got on this tube that was supposed to speed down this slide, and in the process, it defied gravity with me, then gravity won and threw me back down only to land me directly on my tailbone. I made it about 10 feet down the slide before this mishap led me right into a teary-eyed half wailing mess.  When I got back to the hotel,  I realized it was bleeding! Not cool.

Today, I had the joy of almost throwing up when I got out of the bed because a shooting pain went through my tailbone. It got a little better throughout the day. We trudged on through animal kingdom. Normal day. I was in an up and down mood and when it was down…it was WAY down. Then we got pulled up to dance with the African men that were playing instruments. That was fun 🙂

Oh but then. We came to eat and they messed up the bill. The one girl fought with me, til she got the manager who then fixed my bill. Then while eating I accidentally bit, broke, and swallowed the ball to my tongue ring. Lovely.

Oh and believe me. I’ve run into idiot after idiot in this place on an hourly basis. I came here a sweet, excited, fun-loving gal, and this crowd has turned me into a fuming, careless, sailor-mouthed girl who isn’t biting her tongue any longer; just her tongue ring.

I need a vacation.

What say you?

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