I did it!

Day 1, done! I just got done reading chapter 1 of my DBT Skills Workbook. I decided I’m going to read one chapter a week, each Monday. Then the rest of the week I will spend a little time just going over the information and doing the activities in the book and really absorbing that chapter’s information. Good stuff 🙂 This week’s chapter discusses different coping techniques. I have to come up with a solid list of distraction techniques or a “distraction plan” for when my overwhelming emotions hit, and a couple of other plan lists that I can do to soothe myself when I’m home, and when I’m out of the home. There are lots of good ideas in the book.

I am going to do some meditation here shortly which will just consist of praying tonight.

I already have my alarm set for early tomorrow morning to go for a run. I have my running clothes all out and ready.

Lookout world, Mandi is coming! 😀

As usual, I will keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Not too bad. It’s definitely a challenge to do on my own only because it stirs up a lot of emotions. Other than that, I do find it useful but like anything else, it’s much easier to read, say, or understand, than it is to actually put into place. BPD is quite powerful. How are you doing with it?

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