Early morning dance parties and pretty panties.

Ok, before you get all excited, these two things are not related. I mean, they go great together, don’t get me wrong, but they’re two separate discussions in this context πŸ˜‰

I was cleaning yesterday while dancing and singing along to music as I usually do. That’s just how I like to clean. I love cleaning! Anyway, I was having so much fun and it hit me! A total “Aha!” moment! Dancing ALWAYS makes me feel great. Why don’t I have a little dancing/singing or even cleaning session like this in the morning to get me motivated and in a good state of mind? So I told my friend (the one I always talk about; my lab partner, etc), and he was all for it too! He even just got hooked on this old song and planned to use that one for the morning.

So, every morning as usual I texted him at 6:02am (accountability for both of us to get our butts out of bed and do our workouts and be happy). We decided that at 6:07am the early morning dance party would go down! It…was…a….SUCCESS!!! I felt so good! He was texting me lyrics from his song and I was cleaning my bathroom while singing and dancing and possibly waking the neighbors!

It only took two songs and I was dressing into my running clothes and heading out for my run! I ran one mile and then walked for the rest of my time and just enjoyed life. I thanked God for all of the people in my life; good and bad; and specifically for a few special ones πŸ˜‰ I looked around while I walked. I listened to the birds, watched the sun come up and wake up the world, smelled some coffee in the air, and stated a few affirmations about things I want to and will achieve. It was beautiful! I shall continue this early morning dance party method. Yay!

Now to pretty panties. After the above event, I was getting dressed and thought, I’m going to wear some pretty panties today! There’s something to be said for a girl wearing a pair of panties she not only feels comfortable in, but that she feels sexy in. So girls (and guys, if that’s your thing), if you’re feeling a little out of it, or down, wear some pretty panties. Be sexy under your clothes if you can’t be sexy with your clothes due to work etc, and walk around with the fun little secret that under those clothes you are one hot chick. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s incredible what small little things like that can do.

Thank you, God, Universe, FP. Today rocks and I thank the early morning dance party and my pretty panties. πŸ™‚

What say you?

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