When feeling good makes you hurt

Allowing myself to feel good things, or to be treated well, and to accept it completely and enjoy it for what it is has been a huge struggle of mine in life for a variety of reasons that I won’t really get into.

All I know, is that feeling good things causes me a lot of pain. I’m not exactly sure how to get through or past that. I’m sure there are a few different cognitive things I could work on with it, or maybe just expose myself to more feel good sources so I get used to it?

Regardless, it’s quite the issue when receiving good treatment and emotions from someone makes you hurt.

Does anyone else ever experience this or have input?


One thought on “When feeling good makes you hurt

  1. i feel the same way, feeling good is painful, and ive tried to feel the good but it feels like the more pain i feel, and if i open myself up to feel the good, than i somehow destroy it unintentionally, and than that causes pain, but relief. confusing BPD

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