Do you remember in elementary school when art class seemed to always have some sort of artsy project that required you to design a self-portrait using some artistic medium?

I was doing dishes and for some reason this popped into my head and I thought, “Why don’t we carry this practice into adulthood?” No, I don’t mean that we should go out and buy some clay or paints and create an image of ourselves. I mean this more so in how we develop and grow and change throughout life. In my opinion, we let go of too many amazing kid traits as we get older, but that’s a whole other post.

As we get older we tend to become the model of everyone else’s views of who we are, who we should be, or who they want us to be. We allow ourselves to be influenced by others’ desires, abuse, or whatever else.

If we spend each day creating, adjusting, and molding a self-portrait of who we want to be, I think we would all be much happier. Yay for childhood!



What say you?

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