BPD: What it’s like…

We’ve all seen these scenes in the movies…

when the victim is in her house with the intruder who is trying to kill her, and someone rings the doorbell. The victim cracks the door open to who could be her saving grace, but the intruder stands behind the door aiming his weapon of choice for her death directly at her. The victim has to go on speaking and acting as though everything is fine even though everything inside of her says otherwise so she can preserve her life.

Imagine living your entire life that way.

That’s what it’s like fighting BPD. Your entire being is screaming one thing at you, but you have to speak and try to show the exact opposite while you try to ride it out. It’s like the victim trying to convince herself that she really isn’t about to die. Except when you have BPD, without fighting it, it’d be like opening that door and screaming and clinging to the visitor that you’re about to die, to help you, save you…but there’s no intruder and you’re not really about to die.



What say you?

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