P.S. I love you

I’ve never been a big movie person but I just came across this while channel flipping and couldn’t believe how much it relates to my mindset and some current life events.

In particular, she is breaking down emotionally. Crying, can’t breathe…and she says how when she was 14 her dad left (that’s when my father left as well) and she said it was then she decided that she would never let another man into her life (my thoughts exactly). However, she meets the love of her life (me too) and he passes away. Ok, so the love of my life hasn’t passed away, but there’s a reason we can’t be together.

It’s like God saying, here is what you want, but I’m only going to show it to you and let you sample it, and then I’m taking it away.

I will never understand. How…I don’t even know the word…but how _________ to finally meet the one who manages to break through every wall I’ve ever built, and I somehow fearlessly walk right into his arms, all but knowing that I’ll have to leave them one day.

Heartbreaking…among other things.

And that’s as much detail as I’ll give about that. A lot of my most recent posts have been about this topic. Previously brought up as “the thing I won’t talk about”. There ya have it…sort of.


What say you?

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