And just like that…

I’m all better.

Last night I had the final emotional breakdown. It was severely intense. The rage, the sadness, the panic. It hit me and I was not ok. Swearing and yelling at my friend and then ignoring the world because no one was helping. It’s like a storm. It builds and builds and the tornado tears through the earth and just like that, it’s gone. And there’s this weird calmness and peace. That’s how I felt. I was a little nervous that it was a fake “ok”. That maybe I’d be triggered again. So I just went to bed. When I woke up…I was fine. I had a great day, felt “normal”, like nothing happened, and I hardly remember how bad I felt the past couple of days. I know it happened, but it seems like a distant dream.

I’m crazy. But thank God for the relief. Here’s til next time!

What say you?

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