And it begins…

I am FINALLY starting DBT!!!!!

There was one psychologist in my area who specializes in BPD and offers DBT. For those of you who don’t know what DBT is, it’s basically the form of therapy created by Marsha Linehan that has shown to best help borderlines to manage their symptoms. She doesn’t take insurance, though she has stated that some insurances will help people cover the cost. I haven’t had insurance or been able to get it for awhile, but that’s a whole other story. I also kept thinking, “When on earth do I have time to go to therapy sessions?”

Well things have been rough lately and with things getting more serious with my boyfriend recently and it sparking up a lot of my symptoms, I figured I really really need to do something. I contacted her while I was crying at my desk at work yesterday and told her I really needed help. I met with her today. Low and behold, I also got insurance today. Things are falling into place. Worst case, I am able to pay for at least one session a month, which is better than no sessions!

She is very nice and she follows DBT to the letter. She provided all kinds of contact information and also offers “Coach-calling” which apparently is part of Marsha’s  steps to offer the best therapy for borderlines. This allows me to call her if I’m struggling or in an episode and need quick skill coaching to get through. I’ve never had that and just wow. I am so happy and excited…and a little scared. I know it will be hard but I really am hoping for the best.


3 thoughts on “And it begins…

  1. Hey Mandi –
    great news for a Fried-day. I’m glad one of us had some.
    You might want to check this out:

    Like you need another blog to take up more of your time and even more space in your mind. But it’s written by someone who knows their shit (and yours, now that I come to think of it).

    They also have a forum at:

    which is more of a chatroom type of structure. Speak with the folks who need to speak with you.

    Best wishes, kid. Seems like you’re starting to get at it before it becomes too deeply rooted.
    Try and remember these are things you can never control entirely, but you can certainly gain the insight and skills you need to be able to manage it effectively.
    And don’t start worrying about being “our average girl”.
    We wouldn’t really want that, now would we?


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