Office supplies are NOT assault weapons

I think this may be why I’ve never been given scissors, a stapler, or even tape. Yea, tape. Well it has that little jagged sharp edge on it. Someone must have knew it was a bad idea to give the borderline the dangerous supplies. If they only knew how resourceful I can be.

People at work really piss me off. The stupidity. The noise. The incompetence. The…everything. I’m tired of their annoying yapping voices, their attitudes, and their high-school like way of dealing with things.

Anyway. That’s it for this topic. And please don’t take this too seriously. They really do piss me off, but I’m not going to hurt anyone with my desktop, or tape. Maybe the cord on my mouse…kidding. No worries. I’m not a hurt-er.


One thought on “Office supplies are NOT assault weapons

  1. Actually, they can be.
    For further information, just binge watch “24”.
    There’s amazing things Jack can do with dull pencils.

    And I remember the high school mentality:
    as long as you don’t kill the boss and desecrate the body on the main table of the Christmas pot luck…
    … you’ll get promoted.

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