There’s that little girl again


I know I bring this one up a lot. It’s a topic I constantly research and I can’t help but share when I feel I’ve found something that really hits home.

I guess there’s a debate (not sure among who; probably between borderlines and non’s, possibly even between professionals), on the “childlike aspects” of people with BPD. On one hand, the behaviors are childlike, but is it rather that because we are childlike, that we exhibit these behaviors? I mean, there have been studies on the brain that have shown underdevelopment in areas of the adult borderline’s brain. This underdevelopment matches the regular development of that seen in a child’s brain.

In the link, there are some quotes from a borderline. This person talks about how being an adult, is like a kid playing pretend. The adult self is not the primary natural self, but rather the facade, the “fake”, the role she is playing because she has to in order to survive or to get through certain situations. That, in itself, is no different than what a child would do in order to obtain whatever it was that they needed.

I just blogged about being indecisive, and this runs into that topic as well. The borderline from the link was asked if she’d like to take medication. I love her writing and how she describes that she basically shut down. The person asking her was unable to reach her by putting her in this position. It’s like wearing a doctor’s lab coat, and having someone ask you a medical question, or to treat them.

But, as soon as the professional instructed her (the child in her) to take the medication, they were able to reach her; the core of who she was. She describes it so perfectly, and how that felt for her when someone would manage to get through to her in that way.

I really related to this one. I encourage anyone who relates at all to this topic, to read it. I’d love to hear the feedback.


What say you?

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