The three things I (borderlines) say the most

“I don’t know” – to almost every question that has to do with how I feel or how I’ve been, or what I want…pretty much anything that requires a decision or to figure myself out in some way or another

“I’m ok” – what I tell everyone all of the time because they couldn’t handle the truth

“I’m sorry” – to try to mend my constant destruction or annoying symptoms because I start worrying that the person has had enough and is preparing to leave me; this also means the same as “Please don’t go”…even in the most basic or minor situations


6 thoughts on “The three things I (borderlines) say the most

  1. “I don’t know”, when it relates to moods and feelings and thoughts, can often translate out to “”I don’t understand.”

    “I’m okay” is less harrowing than telling the truth to someone else who doesn’t understand.

    “I’m sorry” should be saved for those things you actually COULD help having done, not for the ways you can’t (for the time being) help feeling.

    “Please don’t go….”
    You already have a bunch of his who won’t leave you either alone or by yourself.

  2. Reblogged this on THE BORDERLINE PERSONALITY BLISS AND MESS and commented:
    I agree.
    Three sentences used most of the time:
    I am OK. – translation: no, I’m fucked up totally

    I’m sorry.- yes, I am really sorry, because I’m unpredictable even to myself

    I don’t know.- an answer to how I feel, or what do I feel. I feel number seven or the green color. No, try to understand that. If you can. And you cannot.

  3. I agree with you.

    I am OK, is repeated 100 times daily, because I don’t want people to know, or I just basically don’t care. In the translation it pretty much is: I feel like shit, leave me alone.

    I don’t know, surely, because I do not. What do I feel? Have no clue. As I said in my reblogg, I feel like number 7 or the green color. Go figure that.

    I’m sorry- I’m saying that even if I incidentally drop a pillow on the floor. It’s installed in my brain, like a normal reaction to say it all the time, everywhere. It’s a sentence of self-defence. I didn’t mean it , please forgive me.

    Hate BPD. I’m sure about that feeling, though!

    1. I wouldn’t quite know how to elaborate, but I completely understand your comment “I feel like number 7 or the green color”. Yet another analogy that no one would understand, but we wouldn’t know how better to explain it.

      When I say I’m ok it’s usually more like, “If I tell you, you won’t react or respond in a way that will make me feel better, so I’m going to save both of us my internal torment and just tell you I’m ok. You can’t help me anyway.”

      Same as you with I’m sorry. I say it ALL the time.

      I hate it too. That is one thing I am sure of. Thank you for sharing how you relate.

      1. Well, I had the urge to comment, because those problems I also face every day.
        Once I have even said that I feel like number seven, of course the other side looked at me and just smiled. “You’re so sarcastic!”.
        No, I am not.
        I just don’t know better. 😦

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