I wanna be a Toys R Us kid!

That just seemed like a fun title. If you follow my Facebook page, I’ve already posted this, but I found it rather interesting that this seems to be relative to this specific disorder.

“Borderlines tend to rely on transitional objects, specifically stuffed animals. It was observed in inpatient settings, that the patients that had bedside stuffed animals were very often found to have a diagnosis of BPD.” – Crazy! This does not relate to any other diagnosis.

I could think of a number of my own theories as to why this may be the case. Overall, I just find it very interesting. I know for myself, I have a panda bear. I sleep with him every night. When I’m not ok, he is my most used coping object. I can sadly often be found hugging him tightly, bawling my eyes out, while waiting for the symptoms to pass. I may even be guilty of talking to him when I’m alone…

I’ve always slept with a stuffed animal and/or a “blankie” when I was growing up. I had two blankets in particular that my mom had made, and they were everything to me. Then I always had a panda. Growing up, I had Oreo (his name). I remember a couple of years ago, I found him at my moms and thought I wanted him, so I took him home. Not thinking much of it, I slept with him that night. I had the worst nightmares, and remember waking up and seeing him, and I was terrified of him. The very next day, I took him back to my moms. I couldn’t have him in my house.

I am pretty sure that because I had him while growing up, there was a lot of negative memories linked to him. I’ve been touching a bit on my recent posts, about objects and how they hold emotional value for me, and I think this is a similar situation but on the opposite end of the spectrum. There’s a lot of bad that Oreo brings.

Now I sleep with Panda. And he is good. I don’t have any bad memories linked to him. If anything, I have good ones. My boyfriend even kissed him goodnight/goodbye the other night when he left. Haha! But he calls him Pandy and thinks he’s a girl.

Long story short, I found this interesting. I hope they do more research because as of now, they are unsure of “adult attachment to transitional objects”. They only know that it’s prevalent in those with BPD. Unless I just have yet to come across further research. I’ll keep looking 🙂

In the meantime, I want more stuffed animals. 😀


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