Thought scrapple (ew, scrapple…whose ever idea that was…)

I got out of my slump surprisingly quick. That could have easily lasted longer and been worse than what it was. I think it was a small combination of things that helped actually.

I don’t have much to report, other than I had a rather “normal” day.

I’m not sure even sure why I’m writing this post because I have nothing to say. I just felt like making a post.

I’m moving soon. Not necessarily relocating, just upgrading here in the same complex. It’s great news because it’s much needed, but I’m starting to get really nervous and am having second thoughts. Money was decent for awhile and the I hit a bad time with my previous job. I got a new job, yay, which was really my old job, double-yay. Things were great. I was working overtime. Blah blah blah. They took overtime away. Childcare expenses increased. Wiped out my monies. Not cool. Of course I get $0 child support.

Now. Childcare expenses have decreased for Summer. Excellent. I’m getting rid of cable. Excellent. Move is on August 1st so I don’t have the rent increase until then. I am sure I will be ok once it happens. I ALWAYS figure shit out. Always. I’m still nervous. You know, the typical self-doubt thoughts. Fear of failure. Not to mention that I have to pay a shit load for the deposit. I scheduled the signing of the new lease for next Wednesday. I already put some of the money down. I’ve lived here for over almost…2 years? Wow. And they know me pretty well from outside of here so they’ve worked with me a bit, but still. Not sure where I’ll get the money. I will probably ask my mom if I can borrow it just for the lease signing, and can then pay it back…sometime…somehow. I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!

I’m just tired of figuring everything out. Isn’t it enough that I’ve got to figure myself out on a daily basis…then I have to figure out finances constantly. I can’t wait until I’m comfortable financially, one day. I hope anyway. School screwed me so I think that plan is down the drain a bit. UGH SCHOOL LOANS. Puke. I’m on a new career path. Hey, did I mention I have BPD? 😛 New career path…if that isn’t textbook of my illness. I am pretty sure it’s a valid switch though…not illness related. And it’s nothing I haven’t been interested in before.

Who knows!?

The end. 🙂


Man! I just wrote my post and then titled it at the end. Now I’m thinking about scrapple and I’m really wondering who came up with that? It’s really gross.

The End – take 2


3 thoughts on “Thought scrapple (ew, scrapple…whose ever idea that was…)

  1. Have to ask. Old, work-related habit of fifteen years:
    when you say $0.00 Support, do you mean there is an actual Court order that says you’re to receive $0.00 or is there a Reserved order till they can figure out what the sperm donor can afford to pay… or is there an actual order and he just doesn’t pay?
    And maybe even more important, your kid ever spend any time with him?
    Old habit.
    Don’t mean to pry, so ignore this if you’d rather.

    1. There’s an actual order, and he just doesn’t pay. I have two kiddos; different fathers. One is incarcerated for a long time. Pays $0 and they’ve suspended the order since he can’t pay. My other child sees his father, and there’s an order, but he doesn’t pay.

      1. Suspension or modification of an order under those kind of circumstances is pretty standard. Common sense. We would just draft up a Zero order and send it to the Judge for an automatic signature.
        Now, the other guy….. You handling this on your own, or have you turned it over to the County / State agency?

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