Invisible Torment

It’s raging

It’s loud

It’s growing stronger now

Can’t you hear it?

The thunder

Can’t you feel it?

The rain

Can’t you see it?

The destruction


It’s taking me

I’m going to drown

I’m going under now

Can’t you hear it?

I’m breaking

Can’t you feel it?

My tears

Can’t you see it?

Im destroyed.


3 thoughts on “Invisible Torment

  1. When you see the storm coming, it gives you the time to get inside, to get underground in certain parts of the country. To close the shutters, to get the critters to safety, and to make yourself warm and safe.
    Sure, you have the Weather Channel and the like to tell you when it’s coming, but you need to be able to pick up in the air when it’s about ready to get too close to you.
    You’re learning the process, the warning signs.
    You’re getting to know yourself better.
    This cannot be something bad.

    Stay strong. You have it in you.
    I wish you can see that as well as many of us can.


    1. Sadly I’ve been able to tell for awhile when it’s coming. It hasn’t helped with lessening how badly it still hurts or what it does to me. Unexpectedly drowning and knowing you’re about to drown are ultimately the same thing. You still die in the end.

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