When in doubt, just hold me


Sometimes this is all we need: to be held. It may seem so small, so simple, and it may not seem to work right away, or enough, but it can help. When you don’t know what to say. When our emotions or behaviors boggle your mind. Just hold us.

Being overtaken by the symptoms of BPD can feel like being chased by a demonic criminal, and you know that when he catches you, and he will, he is going to destroy you on the inside and make you destroy everything that you love, on the outside.

Just hold us so tightly like you are aware of how bad we feel, aware that this thing you can’t see is closing in on us. Try to understand our fear. Tell us it will be ok. You will protect us. You love us. You are there and you aren’t leaving.

It may take a couple of minutes, it may take a whole night of cuddling within the confinement of your arms, just don’t give up on us.

Don’t let go.


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