Just Afraid

I am not entirely sure why but I just feel very very afraid right now. 😦 I’m trying to be ok. I’m hugging Panda so tight and am all but hiding amongst my pillows and blankets. I opened the blind a for extra light but I just can’t stop feeling completely unsafe and just scared like something bad is going to happen. 😦 I can’t sleep.

3 thoughts on “Just Afraid

  1. Maybe too nosey or intrusive, but I’ve wondered about it already and need to ask.
    Doesn’t mean you need to answer, and please tell me if I’ve overstepped my “total stranger” boundaries:
    how do these things affect your kids?

    1. It’s ok. I hide A LOT from them. The only thing they really see or know is that I’m moody. I often will force a smile or if I can’t I just say that I’m feeling grumpy or whatever and we all move on with life. I think they’re used to it. They’re a huge distraction for me so they actually help by keeping me busy.

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