I woke up feeling much better mentally than how I felt when I went to bed. I’m giddy today. On Thursday night my boyfriend is sleeping over and on Friday morning we are leaving for this camping trip.

I never updated everyone but all my fears for the trip have been mostly calmed. Well not all of them. There still with be other people there but my boyfriend told me that it’s at a campground which means there are showers and bathrooms!!! He also said he will take a tent along. I am the happiest girl!!!

My biggest fear now is that I won’t be ok mentally. I’m going to make and take a little therapy card along and also a pocket diary card so I can stay focused. It doesn’t have to be so scary, right? I just hope I will be ok.

Deep breath!


One thought on “Giddy

  1. Great to hear a smile on your face.
    And this weekend…
    have no idea where you’re heading, but I imagine it’s gonna be a whole lot easier to spend some quality time with yourself than it is trapped inside your everyday fun house.

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