Traffic lights and arcade cars

I just read a quote on someone else’s blog, and it got me thinking. It was about how being borderline is like a malfunctioning traffic light that is either stuck on green or red (by Ana Landa).

It’s so true. I feel like there this other setting though. This other setting where you’re outside of the light and rather you’re the car that has lost the road and the gas pedal is stuck to the floor. You’re aimless, directionless, and unstoppable. At such a high speed, you’re only rapidly trying to avoid crashing into things. It’s like those arcade games where you sit in a driver’s seat and all you have is the steering wheel. The wheels are so sensitive and you only move it slightly but your car on the screen makes a sharp turn and by the time the game is over, you realize that you’ve only sat there, non-methodically turning the wheel back and forth between the left and the right when all you really wanted to do was go straight, and maybe shift a lane or two.

Just as fast as the game ends because your time has run out, is how fast we shift to the next phase, the next emotion, the next trigger, the next bout of emptiness or boredom.

Just a thought.


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