It hurts

I hurt. Everywhere. Inside. Badly. 😦 I’m sorry for my mini-outburst. Yea, that was totally mini. I’m going to go to bed, ignore the world because I hate it, and have a cry with Panda underneath my covers and try not to do anything stupid.

Goodnight. :(*


5 thoughts on “It hurts

    1. Hi. I will read the whole thing shortly. I did glance at it and at first glance, I agree. When people try to intentionally make me feel better, it does feel invalidating, like I’m not allowed to feel badly or that they don’t accept my negative emotions. This causes a lot more issues for me and I think it’s a great post. Thank you

    1. Hi.

      I appreciate your constant support. I’m sure you watch me go through this stuff and can completely understand. Your comments are helpful because I often don’t feel like I’m doing well. Ty

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