A snippet of what it’s like having BPD


I found this on Facebook the other day, posted by one of the Mental Health pages I follow. With so few words, this says so much about what it’s like having BPD. I think this “floating through space” affect is why we cling to people so much. To find someone you can bring yourself to trust, is like finding a foundation in a world that has none. When they are physically present, you feel like you need to hold onto them so you can ensure that you won’t be pulled apart. There’s no “sensing” closeness, I need to feel it with my hands. To be apart and not within that person’s physical presence, is like they never existed, or more like I never existed for them. I feel like something, or life, is pulling me into it and away, off somewhere I don’t even know where, and I’m losing everything and everyone. It’s so hard to explain, but here it is. A life full of unrelated snapshots.


8 thoughts on “A snippet of what it’s like having BPD

  1. That Facebook quote sounds an awful lot like someone I know, and they are also words I was looking for when trying to understand what life was like for her What it still can be for her when it’s in a particularly feisty, bitchy mood.
    “Time to go pick on Lizzie again!!!”

    I really think one of the biggest problems confronting people trying to comprehend Borderline Personality Disorder is “Borderline Personality Disorder”.
    The name doesn’t explain or even hint at squat.

    Working on a post about that.

    1. Oh Pops haha You’re funny 🙂 “Time to go pick on Lizzie again!!”

      Thank you for the smile even though I know there’s truth to it.

      You are right. The name of the diagnosis isn’t good at conveying the issue. I can’t wait to read that post when you’re done 🙂

  2. It even has pictures!!!!!!

    Actually, I had read a while before DSM-V was released that they were considering renaming you and Lizzie’s eight-hundred-pound pet gorilla. Wish I could find that article.

    1. But I wish it were considered an 800-lb pet gorilla 🙂 I like pets an I like monkeys. I could call him George and whenever I am being borderline, I could just blame George.

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