SaladWorks…anxiety’s enemy

So I’ve posted before about how hard it is for me to make decisions. Even with the most minuscule of things. I’ve become familiar with the salad bar at our grocery store, which is where my boyfriend and I usually go for lunch when he picks me up on my break. It was about 90 degrees outside today and the humidity was so bad you almost had to swim through the air. Because we usually get our salad and sit in the car and eat and chat, we decided to go to the actual Salad place so we could eat inside out of the heat.

Oh. My. God. I mentioned during our drive there about how many decisions there would be when we got there, so he said he’d just pick a salad for me. I have to admit that it was a pretty humorous experience, and when I laid eyes on the glass window that covered ALL the many options, I had flashbacks of a time I attempted a SaladWorks and ended up walking out because it was too overwhelming (haha).

So he picked a salad for me. Eezy-peezy. Then came “white or wheat noodles”…I picked wheat. That was easy because I mostly always choose wheat. The girl gave me white instead. Apparently I picked the wrong answer. Jeez, I finally pick something and I get it wrong.

Then came the dressing selection. There were only about 12 to choose from… -_-

Then came whether to have the dressing mixed in or on the side.

Then came the drink selection out of the large refrigeration system that had everything from sodas, to juice, to tea, to…

Then came the choice or white or wheat bread. I had already given up at this point and was just saying “whatever” while laughing, to every choice they threw at me.

Then came the choice of butter or margarine for the bread. Again, more laughter. Unbelievable!

Then came the choice of where to sit.

By the time we sat to eat, I have to admit that my anxiety had skyrocketed quite a bit. I think I managed to laugh it off, but holy cow! Luckily, the first experience is over. I remember everything I got and should we ever go there again, I will simply pull from my memory to recreate my order. I never want to have to make another decision in that place again.



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