I wish I were a princess

I had the coolest dream last night. I never have cool dreams! There was a bit of sadness to it but fairy-tale sadness. It was just like a movie.

I was a princess and there was a “fight” going on between two sides of people. All I remember is being told that the only thing that would save everything was if I got married. I had this big beautiful sparkly dress on. They put a tiara on my head and took me to this place. I sat on this huge bed and they gave me this book. The book was a picture book of all different types of weddings I could have. The place I was, was this woman’s house who was magical and she could make any type of wedding happen. She looked evil but I just did what I was told. The bed I was on was surrounded by sheer curtains. Did I mention it was huge? I sat in the middle of it and it was like sitting in a cushioned room (come to think of it, maybe that was a metaphor for feeling crazy like I should be in a padded room, hahaha). The sadness was that I was being forced to marry in an arranged marriage, and that didn’t make me happy. Overall though, I remember general feelings of fear and sadness throughout the dream.

I flipped through this book and there were all kinds of weddings. Some of them were dark and evil, and others were more rainbows and unicorns but they still had a sense of darkness to them. By the way, I LOVE UNICORNS. There’s this unicorn pillow pet that I’ve been wanting for like 3 years but I never get it because…well it just isn’t a priority for me as far as where my money should go.

The weddings were all created atop these gigantic rocks and overlooks that were surrounded by ocean. She would carve designs in them to be whatever you wanted it to be. I never picked one, because I woke up, but what I remember most is that fluffy white sparkly dress I was wearing, and the tiara. It wasn’t even the wedding dress I had on yet! It was my everyday dress 🙂 I felt so pretty.


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