Mental Safe-Place

Do you have one of these? I do. I actually have a couple of them depending on the situation.

I created this one place in my mind. I use it mostly at night when I’m trying to go to sleep, when my mind is racing, or bad thoughts are in my head. Before I get to my safe place, I go into this room. It’s built of concrete, and when I step inside, there are all of these little pieces of white paper blowing around the room. Each slip of paper has one of my thoughts on it. I release all of my thoughts in this room, as little pieces of paper, and then I walk back out of the room and leave all of my thoughts in there.

I close and lock the door behind me. It’s always nighttime in this “place”; pitch black. I walk down this path into the woods, and then I reach it. My place. It’s this opening in the woods and there’s this huge bed that’s up on a platform. It has a canopy over it. The blankets aren’t white, but they are very light in color and almost glowing. There are animals around but they are all friendly and like me, and I like them. There are these two little beds by mine; one for each of my kids. In them, they are sleeping with little smiles on their faces. Sometimes I let God in my safe place; sometimes I don’t. In either case, my little opening in the woods gives off a soft whitish/yellowish glow. The glow is like a force field of protection, and the only things that can enter are the things I let enter. It’s quite, peaceful, happy, and there are no worries or fears in here, because they were all left back in that room.

Most times I just sit in this big bed and look around with a smile, watching my kids sleep, and feeling safe. It’s really safe in there. I like it. Other times, when I let God in, he lets me sleep on his lap while he stays awake and watches everything.

I have one other place that I go to during the day. This place also is daytime and is sunny. For some reason, this place is also in the middle of the woods. It’s a little cabin. You walk through the woods and then it’s just there. You cross over this little bridge that covers a stream. The cabin is surrounded by so many beautiful flowers. It actually probably looks a lot like the dwarfs cabin in Snow White!! hahaha! I’ve never been inside the cabin, the one in my mind. I just like to look at it on the outside. I’m not sure why? I never thought about that before.

Anyway. Those are two of my safe places. They come in handy sometimes.

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