So a few months ago I decided I was going to teach myself how to make websites. Ultimately I’d like to learn and become fluent with coding, but that’s a long term goal that will take a lot of work. I’ve got some basic CSS knowledge and a little HTML coding; enough to create and design some sites through  My motivation behind this was to possibly find some side jobs to make a little extra money with. Something I can do in my own time but that will offer a decent penny and that I will enjoy.

So, to get started I need to do some free work. I started with my sister. She is a Realtor and recently mentioned wanting her own site. I’m just about done, save for any minor changes she may ask for. I also made her some business cards that she was really happy with. It’s taken me a few weeks but it was a lot of fun. Well, it was fun once I got all of the bugs fixed with the site. Of course the theme I had chosen was full of crap and it really was pretty discouraging at first. Once things got moving, it’s been a fun process and she is really happy with it.

It would be really awesome if this took off at least enough to make a couple hundred extra dollars every couple of months or so. God knows I could use the extra money. I like getting things done and I really really like making people happy, and when they’re proud of things I do. It makes me feel good.


One thought on “Accomplished

  1. Congrats! It sounds like you found something you enjoy doing and feel accomplished at. I encourage to keep doing the website stuff since you enjoy doing. This is a good step in recovery.

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