Skills Chart

So I’m not sure if I’ll ever use this or not. I should, but I often have plans to do specific things and when shit hits the fan, everything goes out the window. Not necessarily because I choose not to do them, but usually because I’m so dysregulated that I forget I have things in place to help me. That, or I attempt those things and it doesn’t work as I planned, and then I get discourage and pretty much say “I failed. This didn’t work. It will never work. Fuck it. It’s garbage.”

So anyway. I created this chart. It’s a flow chart, a simple one, to guide myself through the moment. I’ve noticed that Mindfulness skills can really only be used up until a certain point. There’s usually a period of time that I am still aware of myself and reality, and am sort of battling between the two sides of things. Once I lose complete touch with reality, however, mindfulness does absolutely nothing. I don’t have the ability to even do those skills. I’m too far gone. So after that point, the Distress Tolerance skills must be used just to get through the moment. So here is my chart. Feel free to use it if you think it works for you, or even to offer suggestions as to how it may be better.

Skills Chart Picture

6 thoughts on “Skills Chart

  1. How do you know when youve lost touch with reality? Too far gone? im trying to make those connections for myself and can’t recognize it for whatever reason…. which in itself triggers me …. lol

    1. Hmm. Good question. I think for myself, I just don’t feel like me. When I lose touch with reality, nothing is familiar. People I know that I love, I now hate and they appear to be enemies. It’s taken me years to get to this point that I can recognize it like this. It’s very hard because in those times, I feel and believe that what I’m thinking and feeling is all real and true. Naturally you want to go into protect mode but that ends up being destructive since its not all real and true. I agree with you that this is a trigger all on its own. 😦

      It can be difficult but a way to test if you’ve lost touch, may be to list some facts about your surroundings. Where are you, what is happening, what is the person you are with doing: FACTS ONLY. Maybe even have the person you are with tell you the facts. If it doesn’t line up with your “reality” in that moment…you may have lost touch. My boyfriend does this with me and I’ve found it helps.

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