A Day of Progress

So today was a great day. I woke up and was a bit unsure of how I was feeling or what state of mind I was in. I worried because I planned on having lunch with my boyfriend again today. For him it was probably just lunch, for me it was like a do-over, a take-two, another attempt to make it a good encounter to replace the last that I felt I had ruined.

Anyway, I had a job interview this morning. An interview for an awesome position within my current company. It went very well, though I am trying to be neither negative nor overly positive and confident about it. I’m just going to remain neutral and see what happens.

I then had lunch with my boyfriend and it was GREAT!!!! It was so good to see him. I felt like me again and I felt like he was him again, to me. He wasn’t a stranger or a bad guy anymore.

I went back to work and all day was spent helping the other department get caught up. I don’t particularly enjoy their work, but it felt good to be called in and told that they needed my speed and proficiency to help them get back on track. I enjoyed the break from my work, though I flip-flopped back and forth as needed and it just was nice.

I came home and got dishes done, made a tasty dinner, and got some other to-do’s done. I received a call from this mental health organization that I emailed last night. It turns out they take my insurance AND there is one therapist available who has experience with BPD. I then called my insurance to verify some stuff, and found that my plan has a special addition that allows me to use up this one portion that will cover 100% of my routine mental health service appointments for a certain number of appointments before it then rolls over into the regular coverage. I’m no where near meeting my deductible so this is a great place to start. Turns out also, that this same mental health organization takes THAT insurance as well! I’m starting to feel like maybe this is a good place to transfer to. My boyfriend doesn’t feel good right now, but when he’s better I’m going to ask him what he thinks I should do!!!! Maybe I should contact the other places I was looking at, first, before I decide on anyone/any place, just in case? Idk. I’ll see what says.

So, it’s been a good day. Yay! 

2 thoughts on “A Day of Progress

  1. This all is great news.
    Glad to hear you sounding encouraged.
    Just wish you wouldn’t sound so surprised.

    You deserve days like today and should allow yourself to work ’em for all they’re worth.

    I used to love when people at work used to be absolutely dumbfounded by a case they trying to work, couldn’t begin to get a handle on it …
    When it came from a Supervisor or one of the Attorneys or back from the Judge, I initiated a policy under which I got an extra break in the morning AND afternoon whenever that happened.

  2. Yay yay yay! I’m so very happy for you! I’m smiling lots after reading your update. Fingers crossed for you on your interview and with the mental health organisations and everything! *grins* xx

    Ps I hope your boyfriend feels better very soon

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