BPD vs. Schizophrenia


This is an excellent/interesting article. It’s about Paranoia in BPD vs in Schizophrenia. Turns out there are a lot of similarities. I am guilty of taking things very literally, or interpreting even the smallest things as some sort of message of something negative. If my boyfriend is rubbing my hand or something and suddenly stops, I instantly think he is trying to tell me that he is unhappy with me, or whatever I just said or did was bad and he just completely shut me off from receiving his love. It no longer exists.

Being alone. I also hate being alone. On the rare occasion that both of my kids are away, at sleepovers or something, I become so anxious and need to find somewhere to go. The thought of being alone in my house frightens me. Being alone is a trigger and often leads to bad choices.

The voices. I don’t hear voices like it sounds like a schizophrenic would, but I have the “voices” in my head. Its like my own worst enemy is living inside my mind and is constantly yelling at me. Degrading me. Confusing me. I can’t shut it up. It never turns off. Not even when I sleep.

Like Sid, as well, my environmental state often coincides with my mental state. If my house is cluttered and messy, it may be a sign that mentally I am very cluttered, and the worse the home is, the worse my mind is. Then when the switch flips and I’m all better, the home improves as well. I’m not sure which comes first, I just know its something I’ve observed. Though its not always this way. Sometimes I overdo it at home with cleaning because I can’t seem to clean up my mind. It’s like a mask. “No, I’m ok. Really. Look how clean my house is. I’m fine.” Idk if that makes sense but it does to me.

5 thoughts on “BPD vs. Schizophrenia

  1. From what I’ve read, us Borderlines only experience paranoia and/or psychosis under extreme stress, as opposed to Schizophrenics, who experience it much more commonly. According to the DSM criteria.

    1. Right. That’s how they can tell the difference when they need to diagnose. I just found it interesting that there were such similarities, and it was neat to read the experiences and perceptions of both.

  2. Ask a man to tell you about himself, he’ll start by telling you where he works.
    Ask a woman, she’ll tell you how many kids she has.
    Women, it appears, take things more personally than men do.
    Used to amaze people down at my work when my Supervisor would write me up for something I did / didn’t do and then we’d go for a walk or for lunch together.
    My Supervisor wrote me up as part of his job, meeting some of his professional responsibilities; we’d take the walk or buy each other lunch because he was my best friend there, a true brother in real life, and our family pastor who performed the marriage ceremonies for both for children.

    More women have BPD than men do.
    A therapist I had for a while explained to me when I was talking about me and my wife that BPD thinking falls into the general realm of “it’s all about me”.
    NOT egocentric, NOT narcissistic, NOT plain self-centered, but somewhat like self-preservation.
    The Borderline mind has put a major amount of effort into building walls around itself and its accompanying soul, and when anything happens even outside of that perimeter, the Borderline has to immediately ascertain if and when that given “anything” is going to affect them.
    And how badly it will.
    I guess it would be hyper-caution, in a sense, because they need more protection than others would usually feel they themselves need under similar circumstances.
    Joyce nailed it: “extreme stress” as opposed to an psychologically imposed lifestyle.

    Earlier this evening, Liz told me she was worried that I would be “turned down” by Social Security. That they would not send me the retirement check I will be starting to receive this month.
    I asked her if she knew when the actual process leading up to my collecting Social Security actually started.
    She said it was last month, which was correct in a sense: that’s when I quit fighting for Social Security Disability and just filed for Social Security Retirement.
    THAT process leading up to my applying started when I got my Social Security number, which was likely almost sixty-two years ago. Sixty-three years if you’re in the Eastern Time Zone.
    I told her I couldn’t see where a red phone with a flashing light on it started raising hell in the Oval Office and ol’ Barry decided…
    “Hey! Wanna fuck with that Borderline lady’s husband out in the San Joaquin Valley? Let’s stop payment on his check!”
    Of course he wouldn’t. I voted for him Twice. Of course he wouldn’t do that, or change the system that has paid millions upon millions of people just like they will pay me.

    But what if…?

    I can fault Liz’s thinking, but can’t even begin to question the reasons she thinks that way.

    So maybe he just stops rubbing your hand ’cause his fingers are starting to go numb.
    That’s easy for me to say, huh?

    I’ve told you before, sweetheart, that you seem to have a pretty solid grasp on how your mind can sometimes be working.
    That’s the first step to getting it to quit doing that.

  3. I am both comforted and concerned after reading this article. I suspected that paranoid episodes I have had were caused by high stress, but I was never sure. Reading that it is not uncommon for people with BPD to experience paranoia in moments of high stress is comforting.

    I am concerned because after reading the article poking around on the site site reading more articles , I am worried that as my episodes become more frequent that I am slipping into schizophrenia.

    1. I share your fear. There are some blurred lines between the two disorders in some of the things I read and how they pertain to me. I’d like to research this idea further and will share anything interesting I find in case it helps you or anyone else as well. I wish I could make us better but thank you for sharing about yourself so I know I’m not alone.

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