Let me know…

“If you need anything, let me know.”

Why do people say that?  I don’t believe they mean it. Just saying.


3 thoughts on “Let me know…

  1. Have heard it, have said it.
    Sometimes I don’t know what I need, and when I finally figure it out either it’s either beyond their scope or would scare the living shit out of them if I actually asked.
    My best friend will tell me “when you need me for something, let me know”.
    Something about “when” and “me” lets me know the full depth of our friendship.
    Aside from him, I usually smile and think “Hey neighbor, can I borrow a cup of Klonopin?”

    1. Hmm…I may do this too! This may be why I said what I said. People say that and I want to believe they mean it. So when I do reach out when I’m in high need of their help, they dismiss me. What a feeling that leaves, huh. Ugh.

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