Skateboards and ice cream

Wow!! I just had a great experience. My boyfriend stopped over just to say hi for a little and to trade some hugs. He brought his cool remote control skateboard to my daughter could try it. Bonus sweet points for him. So she was riding back and forth out back and then we heard the familiar sounds of the ice cream truck. “Want ice cream?” he says. So we chased down the ice cream truck and he got us all ice cream. He is so nice. I hope he really is who he seems to be. I feel really lucky, especially considering how imperfect I am. God, how’d I get someone like him? He’s really so great I think.

Anyway, I had to write about this. He is going away this upcoming weekend. Thurs-Mon. I haven’t been very stable lately so I’m worried but I’ve got to be ok, at least for him so he isn’t burdened by me while he’s away. Anyway, ok that’s all.


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