I’m going to bed. My boyfriend is coming home tomorrow. I’m nervous. I tried to be ok all weekend. It was a struggle at times. I hope I can hold on to “ok” til he gets here. He said he’s going to take me to therapy. I’m thinking he may be late and won’t make it, which will be ok. He’s coming from far away, but it would be really great if he made it. I miss him. I’m ready to snuggle up with panda in bed and sleep. I hope I sleep well. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares again lately. For the past 2 weeks or so. One night I texted my boyfriend about it because I was scared and in bed, and I felt like he blew me off. I mean, I guess…what could he do? But I guess I was hoping for some nurturing words to put me back to bed, because usually he makes me feel safe…but not that time. Oh well. Anyway, back to work tomorrow. I need to be in good spirits because my workload is growing and I gained a couple of new clients on Friday so I will most likely be making some business calls tomorrow. Therapy is tomorrow. I got tons of cleaning done today which is great. I love cleaning. Bedtime. Goodnight.


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