Blog Updates and Happy Birthday me

So I’m about to make some changes to my blog. I had a good/great day today, and some things sort of hit me differently than they have, maybe ever.

I didn’t get back to bed last night until about 5:30am, so I only slept about a half hour. I got up and got ready quickly so I could grab coffee before work. Work was good but boring. Fridays are usually pretty quiet and slow. I wasn’t sure how I felt this morning but decided I was just going to “play the happy role”. I texted my boyfriend hoping he would have a good day and eventually I started feeling not too bad. He then texted me and asked if I wanted to do lunch. I said sure and so we had lunch. The rest of the day will be written in another post because I wrote a letter to myself while at work, after lunch with my handsome man, because I just felt “wow”.

Anyway, long story short, and this picks up where my ‘letter to me’ post will end, I realized that while my blog is useful for venting, I don’t put near enough emphasis or organization on the positive. I have all these organized categories for all of the negative crap I go through, and while I have written positive things, I can’t easily find them because they aren’t in a category. Not only that, I probably should make it a point every day to write some positive things for myself. So, I’m going to rework my blog a bit. Change up some of the categories and stuff.

The motivation behind all of this, is that today I just had this realization…or something. I love my boyfriend. I love my kids. I need to try harder. I’ve been letting this ‘thing’ bring me so far down, and long story short, I just need to fight harder. My boyfriend deserves the best me, and so do my kids. I just need to try harder. I know he wants to see progress and I need to just do more, whatever I can to try to beat this.

So here goes.

What say you?

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