Hurtful words, triggers, and strength

I couldn’t have said it better.

farewell to daylight


Dr. Linehan, one of the world’s leading experts on BPD, could not have put it better. For highly sensitive individuals and those with emotional regulatory disorders such as BPD, the phrase “words can kill” is no exaggeration. While most people would soon carry on their day and not think twice about it, the smallest hint of sarcasm, disapproval, indifference, or any other perceived negativity in a conversation will result in me spending hours upon hours replaying the scenario in my head, wondering what that person really meant, “was I reading too much into it?”, and with each replay, reliving emotionally what was felt when the conversation actually took place. Friends, family, and loved ones of anyone who is borderline will tell you that we can hold grudges like no other. Some may even say that we are incapable of letting go. What is important to understand is why it is…

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