Just Like Clown Hate

We went out on a date last night to one of those haunted attractions (love those). It was a great night until we got home but that’s another post. We were talking about some things this morning and I made a connection with something.

I. HATE. CLOWNS. I had at one point told my boyfriend that my fear of clowns is pretty up there with my fear of him leaving me. While that probably isn’t as close a match as I hinted at, the fact is that I am very afraid of clowns. They just aren’t something I can be scared by and laugh off, two seconds later, like I could with all of the other scary things at the attraction last night. Clowns just downright disturb me to my very core. And of course, as life would have it, a very very scary clown last night, had it out for me THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

Getting closer to the point, while we were talking this morning, my boyfriend commented at how much fun I really had if I am that afraid of clowns. I responded to something of the affect as how the clown was just one part to the entire experience. Overall, I really love the haunted attractions. While I didn’t like the clown aspect, I still enjoyed the event and am glad I went and would do it again…and again and again.


I realized, this is I guess no different than how most people view things like this; INCLUDING RELATIONSHIPS. Initially, and usually, if we have a great night together but at one point I am not ok, I will then believe that I ruined the ENTIRE night, and there’s no possible way my boyfriend still loves me because that one moment was not good. So I took a look at that belief, and asked him how he mentally processes that stuff too, and this is it. He said the night was good. He even said that including what “went wrong”, he still would say it was a very good night. It blows me away but I guess that’s how that processing goes.

We did have a good time. That one part wasn’t the greatest but in a way it was because it initiated some discussions that I think were productive and helpful. Difficult to have, but productive and helpful nonetheless.

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