And the verdict is…


Today was great. The morning started off on a bit of an irritable start, but man did it turn out well. I had a face-to-face meeting with one of my clients today. Initially I had asked someone from work to go with me since I was worried because it was my first appointment, and because I was worried I wouldn’t be helpful for the client since I’m so new. I decided to just wing it. I know enough about the program and figured anything I didn’t know, I’d just find out.

I went alone and it was awesome! The people were so nice, I was able to answer just about every question. It ended up being an hour and a half long meeting, plus an addition 40 minutes in total driving time. PLUS, she all but made me take some frozen yogurt to go!

I have the best job EVER!

On top of THAT, as if that’s not amazing enough, I had THE BEST lunch with my boyfriend! It was full of laughs and jokes. It felt SO good. It was just a good day. I wish I could stay up here forever, though I at least am hoping that this is due to some (at least a tiny bit of) growth, and not just a high I happen to be on.


2 thoughts on “And the verdict is…

  1. Next time a day goes like this, maybe you won’t sound so amazed.
    You shouldn’t.
    You deserve it.
    You deserve them.

    What kind of work?
    The reason I ask is that after fifteen years of dealing with people who were mostly pissed at having to deal with our office and the Courts and each other, I found it difficult to keep it all from getting to me. Between the sympathy for and frustration with those folks and the thorough disgust with the way the state was running things for us, it became a genuine chore to make it through the day.
    One time I told our Director that I liked what I was doing there almost as much as I loved what I should have been doing there. What we all should have been doing there.
    Hell… felt better about what I had been doing for $18/hour than I felt about what they had me doing when I was up to almost $30/hr.

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