Hello Meds

I forgot to write about this. My therapist….wait, did I write about this?

My therapist advised that I get on some mood stabilizers. He said he is no doctor but from his experience, it sounds like that is what I need. He assured me no SSRI’s. THANK GOD. He actually knows my family doctor well, which is good I guess. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor, October 30th, to tell him about my symptoms and to see what he prescribes.

I’m nervous. My therapist said to not tell him what my diagnosis is, and to only tell him what my symptoms are. That makes me nervous because I wonder why he said that? Unless he was just offering guidance because I tend to get very anxious and just start blabbing off about everything without a clear direction. I don’t know. Or maybe because he didn’t want my doctor to gain some sort of direction based on a label rather than the symptoms the medication is to help with.

That’s a whole month away. I’m kinda bummed but I think maybe it’s ok. It gives me some more therapy time I guess.


2 thoughts on “Hello Meds

  1. Don’t be nervous, move forward with caution but be open to the process. It is unfortunately as were all individuals despite having similar ‘ diagnosis’ or symptoms a case of trial and error, so just be very honest about what your experiencing, diagnosis can be very broad and useless in terms of finding a proper medication which may be why he said that. My experience of bdp could be more or less this or that than yours therefore the required meds would be different. So I agree, discuss symptoms, and to ease any anxiety of yours do your own own research as well, and never fret to go back and ask questions if you have concerns. Good luck 🙂

  2. Does it sound strange for me to say it’s great to hear you’ll be on meds?
    Oh yeah. Some people think they’re nothing but a crutch.
    What’s wrong with a crutch? You ever try walking on a recently broken knee without one or two of them?
    It’s when you keep them propping you up after the bones are healed soyou might never be able to walk on your own again. Atrophy. Not good in a physical or emotional sense.
    And Ophelia brought up some very valuable points:
    after having heard from people I knew about how well Paxil / Zoloft / Wellbutrin / Prozac / Southern Comfort worked for them, some of them didn’t do shit for me. Then we found one that worked, had to monkey around with the dosages and their frequency, then figure out which one would do best with the Depression while not clashing with the choices we had for the ones for Anxiety, and then there was the Ritalin to be factored into the mix along with the beta blockers and blood pressure meds….
    It takes time. And even when you have the right medication or combination thereof, many of them take a month or so to get to and maintain the therapeutic level you need in your system…
    … assuming, of course, you’ve been prescribed the proper amount, and it can keep going like that for a while.
    Mood stabilizers made the biggest difference for Liz and her BPD. For too long the doctor she had just kept giving her stronger anti-depressants and tranquilizers. Then she found the doctor who prescribed for her symptoms and behaviors, not for the diagnosis someone scribbled down. Your assessment of your therapist’s strategy makes a lot of sense.
    My biggest hope for you is that the meds keep the emotions well enough in check that DBT tools and coping mechanisms can keep you from running off the road.

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