He lied; now what?

I had therapy tonight. I don’t think it was good. I don’t think I like him as my therapist. I’ve been noticing something and he finally said it today, and I’m really mad. He lied to me. He told me specifically in his response to my email inquiry when I was looking for a therapist, that he had 30 years experience treating people with BPD. Well, he lied. He said tonight that he hadn’t ever worked with anyone with BPD until very recently. He only just started reading about DBT. He didn’t even know who Marsha Linehan was. Tonight I had to explain to him what mindfulness meant. He keeps sort of dismissing the diagnosis and saying that he doesn’t like to deal with the diagnosis, just treat the person. I think it’s because he doesn’t know about the diagnosis. I’m starting to feel dismissed and I’m starting to feel like he’s invalidating what is wrong with me. Not that I want him to sit there and tell me that I’m defective because I have BPD, but dammit BPD is very real and he doesn’t understand it. He doesn’t understand me. He also keeps talking about his own life. His divorces/failed relationships. Bad dreams he’s had. I feel like I’m the therapist sometimes. I don’t like it. I don’t want to keep going but now I’m stuck for at least a month because I have this freaking medication appointment at the end of the month that I have to wait for. I’m screaming inside.

One thought on “He lied; now what?

  1. I’m so sorry, you are right, if he is talking about himself this is a sign of bad therapy! Try to find other options. I know things must be tough.

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