The Phases of Psychosis

Omg Omg Omg Omg. If I had some “crazy” friends like me, or friends at all, I’d be calling them all right now and sharing this. I have been trying so hard to explain this VERY thing to the professionals I’ve worked with (therapy and stuff), and I never felt like I was accurately getting my explanation across. I was talking to my new therapist today and I was trying to explain to him that I don’t always fully remember things from my “episodes”. I know they happened, but it’s sort of blurry. I don’t remember what sets me off and I can’t really grasp what emotions I had. Sort of like childbirth. You know that there was pain, but you can’t recall it really. It’s blurry. So anyway, I decided to research psychosis and if it affects memory during the psychotic episode. Well I came across this article which describes the phases of psychosis and THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN EXPLAINING AND TRYING TO CONVEY TO MY THERAPISTS. It’s PSYCHOSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I’m not shocked. What I refer to as episodes are really just psychotic episodes. But this, this is great stuff. I’m going to print this and show to my therapist, just to solidify what I was trying to explain.

It’s a great read, and I really would love to hear from other borderlines, if this is also what you experience, or from non-borderlines if this is what you witness in your borderline loved one.

It sounds like psychotic episodes can be learned to be prevented and worked through, which is good to know.

Phases of Psychosis: READ ME


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