What’s my “thing”?

Ever notice how other people seem to have their special thing? Like, my boyfriend’s thing is camping/hiking. Outdoorsy stuff. My sister’s thing is business and it just so happens to be focused on real estate right now. Her fiance’s thing is bike riding. My mom’s thing is I guess gardening. She’s always planting flowers and doing yardwork and gardening. My one co-worker’s thing is theater.

What’s my thing?

When someone thinks of me, what is the primary thing they associate me with? I have no idea what it is. I don’t know what my thing is.  I think I’m always trying to find it. Maybe that’s another reason I don’t like people getting too close to me. I’m not even sure who they are getting close to. Who am I? I’m not sure who to introduce them to or who to let them get to know. I’m not sure.

What is my thing?

One thought on “What’s my “thing”?

  1. For now, it’s self-discovery. Maybe?
    Not a bad way to spend your time and effort.
    The rest of the pieces fall into place after that.
    Too many people wait way to late to put it off way too long and end up way too bitter.

    And some of us find our “thing” and, for whatever dipshit reasons, don’t pursue it with the passion it deserves.

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