Non-creative title

I had a good day today I think. I woke up in a mostly good mood. Got to work slightly early. Got some stuff done at work and the day flew by. I may go into work real early again tomorrow. Oh and lunch tomorrow with my boyfriend! Yippee!!!

It smells good in here. I like the warm spicy smells when its cold outside. I mixed this one spice one with warm spice cake (wax melts) and it just smells so good!

Tomorrow is a long day but I get to leave work early which is always nice.

I lost my stamps 😦 It makes me real sad because I have two letters to mail. I had stuff to print and every time I tried, something went wrong. About three ink cartridges needed replaced. Heaven forbid it tell me about all of them all at once. Then I ran out of paper. I had my stamps ready…now I have ink and paper and lost my stamps! 😦 I have no idea where they got to. So sad. One of the things HAS to be mailed tomorrow! But oh well.

I think  my medicine makes me a little sleepy, which is nice. I’ve been taking it at night and I think it helps me get to sleep. I’m not sure though. I may try it one morning just to see what it actually feels like.

I guess that’s all for now. Goodnight.


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