Mental Metaphors

I feel like a piece of rope that is fraying little by little under the pressure. I keep trying to cut it some slack so it stays stronger, longer, but it still keeps fraying and losing strength, slowly coming down to the last thin piece keeping it in tact, that eventually breaks.

I feel like a wave in an ocean under a bad storm. The storm is life and I am one measly wave trying to resist my natural flow. Trying to resist being taken to shore where I crash and fall apart only to be sucked back out and to repeat my crash and burn all over again.

I feel like Tetrus. Life keeps handing me piece by piece and I try so hard to fit them all together so they make sense. I try to fit them together so I can keep space for more. I start to panic under the pressure and I start to run out of space to handle everything. Soon it’s all happening so quickly that I can’t make sense of it all anymore to fit things together. It doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t fit! It’s all happening so fast, I can’t process it quickly and efficiently enough to remain ok and before I know it, I’m overloaded, and I lose. I break and everything is lost, and I have to start all over again.


What say you?

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