What I’m thinking about…

Nothing too exciting here to share but I feel like journaling.

I can’t seem to get rid of this cold. I got a cold and sore throat about two weeks ago. It really started with a sore throat and then I think I got a sinus infection. It mostly went away, but I keep getting the sniffles, runny nose and the starts of another sore throat. My stomach has also been upset 😦

One of the girls in my dance group can’t make the one show in February. I opted out for our first dance of the season because I just didn’t like it, but the girl who runs the group texted me tonight and asked if I’d fill in for the girl who can’t make it. It was nice and I said yes. I miss dance. I also am going to start working out again. I really lack the time and motivation to do so, because of time and energy, but it’s something that’s really important to me so I just need to do it. I have a friend helping to keep me accountable which is nice. I haven’t decided when I’m going to start. I honestly think after the holidays is best. It will just be too hectic.

I got my hair done today. I needed a root touch up and a touch up really all over. It’s all fresh and bright. I love it. I already know the next color combo I want. It’s going to be fun. I really love my hair color now. Like, LOVE it, but it is so expensive and comes with some other inconveniences. It will be sad to lose it 😦 😦 😦 😦 but I think I may just change it every year. I used to do that for awhile and maybe it’s best. It’s not that I can’t ever come back to this color again. I don’t know. The new color idea will cost less and require a lot less maintenance, so it’s good all around. I think I’ll ask my boyfriend what he thinks. I love this color 😦 Oh well.

I want to get my nails done and go shopping. I don’t have the money for either right now, but it makes me smile to think about it. Christmas is coming and I have some ideas of what I want to get my kids. Once Christmas is over, I’ll have a little extra money and maybe can treat myself a little bit. Plus, I am going with my daughter and family to New York City the week before Christmas, and I’m hoping to have at least a little bit of money so my daughter can enjoy herself and get a couple of things. It will be her first time there πŸ™‚

My son’s birthday is today. 6 years old. Family came over yesterday evening. I made dinner and it didn’t turn out very well. Usually I cook well but, well it just wasn’t my greatest work. Sad too because my mom’s boyfriend was there and so was my boyfriend! It was the first time he’d ever had anything that I cooked. They all said it was good but I think they were just being nice. The cake I made was really good though πŸ™‚ It was the first time my family met my boyfriend. I was so excited and happy and it went so well. I love him πŸ™‚

Speaking of him…he even stayed the whole evening and through the night. It was so great. He is away tonight and I’m ok! I think I am.

I’m ready for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I’m trying to prepare a little, mentally, because I have a feeling next year my mom will go with her boyfriend for Thanksgiving. And since my sister will be with her husband and his family, that leaves me alone. I mean, I’ll have my kids but still.

I think I feel mostly ok otherwise. I don’t feel like I’m going to go crazy and I don’t think I really have any significant paranoid thoughts or concerns as of right now.

The kids and I got fresh bagels this morning, and I got coffee. It was so yummy. I love getting bagels and coffee in the morning like that.

I think that’s it for now πŸ™‚


One thought on “What I’m thinking about…

  1. Isn’t it absolutely delightful to fret over the really important and significant things in life rather than the bullshit some foul-mouthed voice in the back of our minds starts flinging at us?
    Face it… those voices will actually back off every now and then when you confront them in the mirror, but your hair color is gonna stay that way till you can afford to get it done again and you’re just gonna have to get used to looking at it, right?
    Of course I am.
    Remember, precious child, I’ve been at this crazy shit a whole lot longer than you have.

    Make some chicken soup, cuddle up under the blankets with your daughter and the birthday boy and watch something from the National Geographic channel about someplace you’ve always wanted to go.

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