One of those days

It has NOT been a good day today. I did some crying this morning up in my room. I took my son to the doctor and on my way there my brakes gave out. I have no idea why or what happened. I managed to get to the doctor and then my boyfriend came to get us.

Of course my car acted perfectly normal for him but he drove along with us in his car to get my son’s medicine at the pharmacy and to get home, to make sure we were ok. That was nice of him but he likes helping people. I felt like a burden though and the whole interaction felt like we were just friends sorta.

I think I give up. I just don’t have it in me, and I certainly am not interested in caring for people that don’t care for me in the same way. No thanks.

I tried to work but my mind is so flustered from the stresses of today, I could hardly concentrate. I have one more call to make a little later. I’m not going to worry about getting my time in. I just can’t make it all happen today and tomorrow. My son isn’t allowed to go back to school until Wednesday so tomorrow will be a work from home day too. I’m going to use up the sick time and only fulfill the phone appointments I already have. The rest just will have to wait until Wednesday.

Sigh. If only my son hadn’t been with me and if only my car would have without-brakes made it’s way into the middle of the intersection in front of a speeding Mack truck. My prayers would have been answered.


What say you?

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