Stuck at home

So I picked up my son from his dad’s yesterday. It was dark out so I didn’t see until we got home, that both of his eyes were bloodshot red. I texted his dad to see if something happened and he said that his eyes were like that all weekend. He didn’t know why.

And the father of the year award goes to!? Certainly not him.

So I figured I’d just pay attention to them and see if I notice any other symptoms. Well in the middle of the night last night he wakes up crying. I go into his room and his poor eyes, both of them, are swollen and pussy. Pink eye. Luckily with some gentle words he just went back to sleep and I had to take off work today so I can take him to the doctor, though I will try to work from home a bit.

I love my kids but I really hate being stuck at home on a work day with them. It stresses me out. I want to go to work. Work is my break. 😦

I’m also not feeling too great today. Sad. Let down. Holding back tears. You know, I really do not like life or living. I don’t understand those “love life” type of people. It really sucks. They’re weird.


What say you?

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