What you’ve all been waiting for…

So, I know you’ve all been wondering, sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my next relationship update. 😉

Well wait no more. Here it is!

We had lunch together today. It was snowing almost all day but he still came out to get me for lunch 🙂 It was good. We laughed and stuff; good times. He updated me on his upcoming schedule (a few months away). It sucks 😦 I’m glad I can start preparing early because that really helps, but it still stinks.

His January is pretty busy. He’s going away like 3 times! Then sometimes I think he said in the Summer or something, he is going to China with his mom. That’s great and all. I mean, I’m really happy for him because he’s wanted to go to China and he seems really excited to explore some things there. He will most likely love it and so for that, I’m so happy for him. Not to mention it’s just great that he has the ability to travel like he does and to do and see so many things in the world that most people don’t have the ability to do.

However, he will be away for 2-3 weeks. 😦 The last time he went away that long it didn’t go well at all. I’m scared. I think I should increase therapy sessions for while he is away. I’m going to need it. I asked him if before he goes if we could come up with a plan. He said yes, though it is hard to do that because he has no idea what to expect when he gets there. The time zones are different and who knows what reception will be like. I pretty much concluded that maybe it’ll be best if I simply expect not to hear from him at all until he comes back home. Then, bonus if I do, but I won’t be hurt if I don’t.

It’s so hard for me. When he goes I think/feel like he forgets that I exist. It’s like I die and he just moves on with life. Anyway…I need to prepare for this. I really want to be ok. Not just for me, but for him. I want him to not worry and I want him to come home to a happy and stable me who is simply excited to see him.

😦 I’m scared.


One thought on “What you’ve all been waiting for…

  1. WordPress ate my reply! Anyhow, all sounds much more positive in the relationship front! Going out for lunch, discussing plans in the future, your boyfriend understanding the need for a plan but keeping time zones in mind!

    I understand the being scared *hugs* Considering increasing the therapy sessions sounds like a wise idea!

    Take care, Charlotte x

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