Therapy Session #9

I had therapy yesterday. We missed a week because of Thanksgiving.

So I filled him in on everything and it was a good session. He said he was proud of me mostly for being calm while still feeling the negative things I was feeling about things with my boyfriend. He talked me though it all and it went really really well. I do notice a slight difference, I think, in that instant rush and intensity of emotions that usually overwhelm me when something hurts or triggers me. It’s not quiiiite as intense and I think it may be happening just a little tiny bit slower; enough that I think I might have a little more time to catch it and think things through? I’m not sure. I may be wrong. I need to give it more time and see.

Meds: I think Abilify makes me a little nauseous. I’m hoping that goes away. Maybe I just need to take it right before I lay down for bed so I sleep through the nausea and headache.


One thought on “Therapy Session #9

  1. What say I?
    Can’t really say.
    I don’t know the man, don’t know his situation, his priorities, his heart….
    But seeing as how you brought up logic, I think I mentioned something about it before.
    If 2 X 5 = 15 and 3 X 5 = 20 and 4 X 5 = 25, then 5 X 5 is going to equal 30.
    Mathematically it’s bullshit. Realistically it’s not even that.
    Makes sense, which is all the more confusing because how can something that doesn’t make sense actually make sense?
    I think maybe at the root of what might be distorted thinking is someone mistaking what they feel for what they see. Or hear. Then it turns into what they “know”.
    Just something to consider.

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