On the Love Front

So I talked to my boyfriend today. It was hard, mainly because I just hate talking about stuff and because, well I don’t like that I may frustrate him or anything. I don’t want to bring him down.

Anyway, it was good I guess. I think maybe overall it’s just hard that we barely get to see each other. I don’t feel like rehashing the whole thing but it seemed productive. I hope it was.

The best part was that I stayed calm through the whole thing. I think it was a turning point for me. I talked about how I felt, I listened to what he had to say and I didn’t lose control or wind up in some sort of episode. We talked through to the end of the conversation and things sort of just smoothed out. That’s unheard of for me. I hope he notices that.

Overall I just hope that this works out; and that he really does love me.


One thought on “On the Love Front

  1. First off, that WAS unheard of you.
    Don’t mean to correct your grammar or your use of tenses, but it’s just been heard of.

    Secondly, sometimes the most passionate love a couple can make is accomplished verbally.
    And has nothing to do with sex.

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