No news is good news

So I don’t think I’ve really posted in awhile, which is a good thing. Things have been great with my boyfriend and mentally I’ve felt a bit more stable. Blame the meds. Blame the therapy. Maybe it’s both. Who knows and I really don’t care. I am just happy to be feeling better.

My klonopin dosage isn’t high enough so I’ve been taking extra as needed. Oops but oh well. I go back to the doctor soon so I’ll see if she will up it. I think the Abilify is actually helping. I don’t seem to be having as many made up scenarios in my head that I am so certain are happening and I just feel more down to earth.

The past few nights I’ve been super moody and irritable. I think I’m PMS’ing which really sucks and I’m feeling really overwhelmed. I have tons of work to do and am trying to help my boyfriend with his stuff because his other employee broke his hand or something. Between the holidays and all that, I just feel drained. So, I’m taking a break to do some writing here, I’m sending the kids to bed early and I’m going to try and catch up a bit.

On the plus side, Christmas is almost here. I did a lot of decorating which I really love. The kids decorated the tree and we’re all ready for Christmas. I was even able to buy them a few things 🙂

I hope things keep looking up.

What say you?

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